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Name:DWN-022 / Snake Man
Birthdate:Jun 9
Designation: DWN-022 (Snake Man)
Initial Purpose: To investigate narrow areas and survey topography on uninhabited planets marked for development.
Weapon: Search Snake
Strong Against: Magnet Missile (no damage), Mega Buster, Spark Shock
Cannot Harm: Hard Man, Spark Man
Weakness: Needle Cannon, Crash Bomber, Spark Shock

Appearances (involved): Megaman 3, Megaman III, Mega Man's Soccer, Super Adventure Rockman, Mega Man Megamix Mega Man Gigamix, Archie Comics' Mega Man, Rockman World 3, Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues, Ruby Spears' Mega Man cartoon
Appearances (data or cameo): Rockman & Forte, Rockman ×over, Adventure Quiz: Capcom World 2, Rockman 7, Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Green (non-canon)
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